Shipwrecked! is a semi-cooperative survival game for up to 4 players. Taking control of ‘Brains’ and ‘Brawn’, players will explore a mysterious island inhabited by pirates, dinosaurs and monsters. By working together and combining their skills, Brains and Brawn can craft useful tools and weapons that will help them defeat the toughest enemies, and survive long enough to repair the ship and escape. But temptation and betrayal is never far away… The goal is to escape before the unstable volcano erupts and destroys the island, but the ultimate winner is the one who makes it out alive with the most treasure. It’s survival of the fittest...and richest!




The game is played in rounds, where players each take turns completing a Player Phase followed by an Island Phase.

Player Phase

Each player gets 4 action points (AP) to spend in whatever way they like during their Player Phase.


Move Gather Craft Dig Eat Trade Brawl Monster Fight Escape Wait

Each action costs 1 AP.

When you run out of AP, your Player Phase ends and the Island Phase begins.

Island Phase

At the start of the Island Phase, players draw a zone card associated with the location their character is on, and resolve it. Zone cards can be items, events or enemies.

The Objective

Defeat at least three monsters, craft a means of escape, and escape from the mysterious island.

The game ends when...

One or multiple players manage to successfully escape from the island...


The volcano erupts, the island is destroyed and every player loses.

The Winner

The escapee with the most treasure points wins the game. Escaping by yourself wins the game, regardless of how rich everyone else is.

Download the digital rulebook to see the full explanation of how to play!

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